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two-headed boy's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
two-headed boy

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[01 Mar 2003|01:49pm]
my new user name is "no13baby"
add me if youd like to
i added pretty much everyone who is listed as a friend on this journal

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[28 Feb 2003|07:23pm]
i am starting a new, friends-only journal
so, imma add all my old friends and id hope you all add me back too ;)

as soon as i get a code and a username that is
anyone have a code they wanna spare?
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another message for the ones who brought me here [27 Feb 2003|07:30pm]
i'm a pot-smoking, pill-popping, self-injuring, stuck-up, mean spirited faggot

and i'm your kid!
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[27 Feb 2003|06:33pm]
HI MOM!!!!!!!
HI DAD!!!!!!

ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!

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AKSJKASKL:($)()(#$@#@#!@@!()()#$!# [25 Feb 2003|07:21pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

okay this probably sounds really selfish, but i fucking can not stand when i have a friend who is not really friends with my other friends and then they become friends and they hang out without me.

and i fucking hate that you all read this.


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[25 Feb 2003|07:16pm]
I'm on a roll,
I'm on a roll this time
I feel my luck could change.

Kill me Sarah,
kill me again with love,
it's gonna be a glorious day.

Pull me out of the aircrash,
Pull me out of the lake,
I'm your superhero,
we are standing on the edge.

The head of state has called for me by name
but I don't have time for him.
It's gonna be a glorious day!
I feel my luck could change.

Pull me out of the aircrash,
Pull me out of the lake,
I'm your superhero,
we are standing on the edge.
We are standing on the edge.
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[23 Feb 2003|08:30pm]
will someone assasinate faith hill for me?
i pay cash upfront
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sigur ros (especially "staralfur") is the music played during the ascension to heaven [23 Feb 2003|04:04pm]
ive listened to both sigur ros cds that i own today and i love them
so gorgeous

demetra saved my life. she is doing the half of the ap american outline i didn't do and we're trading. thank god for that.

so, yesterday, i realized i could probably get into tulane and bard and some of the other schools im interested in, and that made me relaly happy. but then my mom said we can only afford SUNY schools.

if i go to a suny school i will blow my brains out.

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hold me down aveda [22 Feb 2003|03:38pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

la la la. hot hot heat is so damn catchy.

It's so gross outside, but at least it stopped raining. This vacation has been so fun and I really don't want to go back to school. I still have a shitload of homework to do, too. FUCKKKK.

Wednesday and Friday I went to Molly's. Saw Annie, Brittany and Lindsay on one or both of those days. We played a lot of Scrabble. I won every game. Muahaha.

Thursday was a lot of fun. A lot a lot of fun. I went to Deepti's house around 12 and we walked over to her friend Jeeyon's house. Jeeyon's friend Mara was there and also this kid Danny. They were the three biggest stoners I have ever met. Ever. They were really funny. Anyway we all shared two blunts and then Deepti and I went to P.S. 1, which is like an offshoot of MoMA. It was pretty neat. Some of it was really scary though, haha, we had to run out of some rooms.

Last night I was talking to Deepti and Caryn online until 4:30. Crazy man, but it was so fun. I woke up at 1 and have yet to start any homework. Go me.

I don't want to outline anymore. I have 20 pages to do. :(

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[20 Feb 2003|10:46pm]

Made by the fine folks at

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i smell [18 Feb 2003|04:58pm]
i haven't showered or gotten dressed since sunday. i should really do that soon.
but these past two days have been kind of productive. i've made a really early draft of colleges i'm interested in. it's pretty different from the list i posted last week.

in no order:
boston university
george washington
sarah lawrence

these schools are all pretty much small liberal artsy schools (except tulane, brandeis, bu and gw). yeah, i donno.

shaddei is not speaking to me. i don't really understand why, but it's alright, as long as she gets over it and i'll have to respect that.

also vera stole my away message. not KOOL.
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She'd say "What's your sister like?" I'd say "Men!" [18 Feb 2003|01:45pm]
[ mood | awake ]

"Hi, my name is Ben and I'm a Chicagoholic."

I can't stop listening to these songs, I really need help.

First I'd ... Then She'd .... Then We'd ... BUT I CAN'T DO IT ALONE!

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emily is a bitch! [17 Feb 2003|10:29pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

god damn, emily on battle of the sexes is a BITCH!
fucking rachel really should not have been sent home.
whooooooooooooooooooooa nelly.
shane and antoine should have sex.

new layout. it's scary and pink.

La Vie Boheme
What RENT song are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

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[14 Feb 2003|07:56pm]
i just did something really stupid, but fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ARE YOU HOT? who fucking gives a shit [13 Feb 2003|09:58pm]
[ mood | cold ]

"Are You Hot?" must be the most ridiculous show to ever have aired on television.
These people are crying because they lost. Awwwww, how sad, you are still more attractive than anyone else in America. Fucking brats.

My plan to be universally loved by the sophomore class is slowly taking effect.

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DRIVER'S ED, FRED [13 Feb 2003|07:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]

"It's a little warm." - Ashley

Ashley: So, you're like, an expert driver.
Mr. Banas: I wouldn't say I was an expert. I'd say I was an average driver with above average skills.



And my teacher, Mr. Banas, is sooooo concieted and really loves to talk about himself. All the time. And also about how Bush concocted this whole terrorism business and that it's what he wanted from the beginning. Because I care ...

Today was so incredibly long. Zero band gym, no free and then driver's ed. Now, I have to study and then watch Survivor (even though they totally jocked Real World/Road Rules challenge with the battle of the sexes thingamabob.) Tomorrow is going to be great, though. No gym, free band and then only one class after lunch and I'll be taking a test, so it will go even faster. KOOL.

I almost drove into a parked car today. Also KOOL.


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[12 Feb 2003|08:34pm]
also today is my dad's birthday and i ate WAYYYYY too much cake.
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alright, alright [12 Feb 2003|07:49pm]
[ mood | drained ]

today was oooooookay. nothing really kool or interesting happened.

highlight #1: Shaddei looking oh-so-fuckable. Raer. I almost couldn't contain myself in physics and I wished she still sat next to me, so she could molest me.
highlight #2: The oh-so-cool Ksenia and myself doing an oh-so-cool kiss on the cheek maneuver. oh yeah.

irritation #1: horn assigned math hw on page 60, but the #s weren't there, so i did what was on page 59. it turns out it was page 66 and i had to do it again. ugh.

and my AP american test tomorrow, i have a feeling i'm gonna tap that shit. woo. but knowing that i have to wake up in 10 hours and go to gym class is really fucking depressing. and plus i don't even have my free period tomorrow. it's gonna be a long ass motherfucking day. shiyut.

buffy was really fucking good last night. soooooo funny. i enjoyed it thouroughly. and the fact that buffy cut off ashanti's head was just an added bonus ;) also, angel should also rock socks tonight. ANGELUS is so evil. muahahaha.


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HOLLER [11 Feb 2003|07:27pm]

FRIDAY: (valentine's day ... ick) Brittany is coming over and we are having the anti-valentine's day filled with lots and lots of drugz. (you have to spell it with a z or you are not cool, obviously)
SATURDAY: Sleater-Kinney with shaddei. should be fun fun fun fun. it's too bad i dont have enough $ to go see CHICAGO again, though. then afterwards i am going to caryn's house and SLEEPING OVER, BABY!!!!!!!!!! mad blazeeeeeddd.
SUNDAY: Ice cream and fun tims with Vera <3
MONDAY: Nada Surf + Sondre Lerche with Sherri, who I haven't seen in a while. Why did I suddenly start to capitalize? Hmmmm.

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[11 Feb 2003|05:53pm]
[ mood | enraged ]



So my mom comes in my room and we already had fought a little about an hour before, but it was over and done with and settled and all that crap. She tells me on Sunday at 3:00 we're going to some financial aid meeting or whatever and I say OK I'll go, but I wish you would have asked if that was ok because I already made plans for Sunday. I can reschedule and shit, but it would have been considerate. Now she is offended and angry, but is still calm and talking to me. She gives me some other papers and tells me to read them and I say that I will and I put them on my desk. AND SHE FUCKING GRABS THEM OFF THE DESK AND SAYS I AM NOT GOING TO READ THEM!

"How do you know I wasn't going to read them?"
"Because I can see what you're doing."
"Yeah, I'm doing something right now, but it doesn't mean I won't read it in 5 minutes"

And this turns into a huge fucking fight and she never fucking listens to one word that I say. She just assumes she knows what I am going to do and what I am thinking and I really can't fucking stand it anymore.


She thinks she needs to tell me how to manage my time, what clothes I can wear and so much other shit. If she doesn't agree with something, even if it has no affect on her life whatsoever, she won't let me do it or she'll try to make me feel bad about it.


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